Teaching-focused support


One can easily be caught off guard by expectations of changing teaching requirements within the university. Shelli will help you to organize content, develop an appropriate assessment(s), and build an effective grading strategy.

Shelli will provide templates and support you in building an effective marking rubric for labs or major assessments that are appropriately connected to the tasks. She can also offer advice on modern assessment design, lecture strategy, and content delivery.

Engage students & improve attendance:

Walking into an empty classroom, or participating in an online tutorial with only a few students present is quite disconcerting. In order to combat this, effective student engagement is imperative. Shelli will teach you strategies for engaging in-person and online students, including how to utilise technology such as polls, chat function, reaction emojis. Zeeting. Slido, and Kahoots.

Clear coherent slides are essential and Shelli will ensure your teaching slides are well organized, visible, and easy to read. She will ensure they have appropriate learning outcomes, with summaries at the beginning and end of your lectures. She will walk you through the do's and don'ts of putting information down onto slides, and ensuring your topic is legible when viewed from large classrooms to cell phones.

New Course Development:

Being asked to develop a new section or entire course can be overwhelming. Terms such as Course Learning Outcomes (CLO), learning outcome (LO) statements, and Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) coupled with tasks and assessments can be challenging to correlate.

Shelli has developed multiple new courses and topics and she will share with your her techniques on how to build an effective story out of the information you are trying to convey. Shelli will discuss specific approaches for how to identify appropriate content and synthesize disparate topics into a coherent course.

email: info@coachingstemmacademics.com; phone: 0416728896