RESearch-focused support

Drawing in students and collaborators requires having a well organized, detailed, attractive, and regularly updated online web profile.

Shelli will help you build a website that will deliver a meaningful, long-lasting impression detailing your skills, experience, latest discoveries and includes information about your students, and collaborations. For details see:

polish Grant applications:

When writing scientific grant applications it is essential to obtain a neutral review before submission in order to be successful. This is particularly important for proposals being submitted to ARC and NHMRC because they use referees outside your field.

Having written and reviewed hundreds of proposals, Shelli can offer an alternative and neutral review that includes significant insights into readability, density, and clarity of your grant.

Respond to negative referee reports (grants & Publications):

One of the most soul crushing experiences is to receive negative referee reports from reviewers who fail to appreciate the importance and relevance of your work to the community.

From Shelli's experience as a journal Handling Editor, she will show you examples of how to respond to an editor when you receive these types of reports. Alternatively, she will teach you when to move on to another journal.

Recruit & Mentor PostgraduateS:

Together we will identify your current challenges in recruiting and mentoring post-graduate students. Drawing upon her extensive supervision experience, Shelli will identify your students recruitment opportunities and enable your most effective mentoring style.

Shelli has graduated 53 post-graduates, including students from 15 countries, thus she can teach you skills for motivating and mentoring students with diverse backgrounds and language skills.

Develop organizational skills:

Together we will prioritize your "to-do" list, ensure you complete the most important tasks first, based on your goals rather than based on deadlines set by others.

We will design a work calendar that will ensure you remain focused on achieving both short term and long term objectives.

Discussions will enable you to concentrate on tasks that will move your career forward rather than checking boxes.

Streamline Publication planning:

With the pressure to rapidly publish it is important to put in place a forward-looking plan for your publications, as opposed to waiting until a picture emerges from your results.

Shelli will share her extensive knowledge that she has built up for decades and enable you to construct a sustainable, timely publication strategy.

Shelli will help you balance journal impact factors versus timely submission while considering the needs of research students, grant submissions, and collaborators.

Cultivate undergraduate researchers:

Working with undergraduates in research is extremely rewarding and offers one approach for student recruitment. Developing your skills to train undergraduates to efficiently contribute to your research productivity while enhancing your reputation while developing enquiry-based learning and workplace skills in students.

Shelli will help you develop your skills of working with undergraduates. She has extensive experience via her development of a university-wide undergraduate research program at San Diego State University and the director of the the undergraduate research program at UNSW. Careful project selection and student mentorship are essential for success with undergraduate researchers.