Promotion, Outreach & Leadership support

Develop promotion application:

Shelli was promoted and tenured from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor to Professor, and she has sat on multiple promotion committees, thus she is familiar with the promotion process in Australia and the US.

Given Shelli's expertise in all three portfolio's of academia, she is well qualified to provide direct and compassionate feedback on all aspects of your package. She will be a sounding board for your ideas on the next steps required for expanding your profile in order to meet your career goals.

Expand international reach:

It is important to invest in a long-term and meaningful strategy for developing your international profile. Shelli will share with you her experiences in developing a genuine, multi-layered outreach program that will build your international profile.

Together we can ensure you lay a strong foundation for a long-term successful academic career.

Optimize leadership skills:

There is a difference between being a cog in the wheel of academia and driving the change you want to see in a project or task. Choosing your leadership opportunities and fighting for situations that interest you, and meet your career goals is key to success.

Taking on a job for the title and performing inconsequential tasks aimed at ticking a box for promotion produces an illusion of success that is unsustainable. Shelli will help you take on leadership challenges that you enjoy, and build your ideas into their fabric, thus leaving a lasting impression on your project.

Manage interpersonal relationships:

Differing goals and expectations can create conflict within your University environment. Appropriate and effective interventions can be useful. Shelli will help you navigate through your concerns, discuss issues and identify potential solutions, together deciding how and when to tackle conflicts.

Her confidential services offer you a place to discuss your concerns with an experienced academic without fear of repercussions. Her experiences in both the USA and Australia give her an "out-of-the-box" approach for resolving conflict.

Addressing Sexual Harressment:

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that can be difficult to address, especially with power imbalance. Without appropriate support, these situations can lead to talented young academics leaving without realizing their potential.

Shelli will help you navigate to the best resolution for you. We will have a frank discussion of the obstacles and conflicting motivations of the University and HR. Shelli will offer confidential advice on the best strategies for resolving these concerns, and she has multiple resources outside the university that can be utilized when inappropriate behaviour continues.

email:; phone: 0416728896