Support services

SUPPORT Services Offered:

Over 20 years Shelli has built up a world recognized profile, with significant success in all three portfolios of academia: Research, Teaching, and Leadership. These achievements, along with her experience in outreach programs and promotion applications make her well qualified to provide training, facilitate your skills development, and offer unique resources as described below.

  • Develop organizational skills

  • Recruit and effectively motivate post-graduate students.

  • Utilize undergraduate student skills in your research

  • Streamline publication submission

  • Respond to negative referee reports

  • Polish grant applications

  • Build a website effective for drawing in students and collaborators

  • Expand teaching and assessment skills

  • Engage students during lectures and Improve attendance

  • Develop new courses

  • Expand your international profile

  • Optimize leadership skills

  • Manage interpersonal relationships within your work environment

  • Advance your promotion application

  • Resolve workplace harassment

email:; phone: 0416728896