TESTIMONIALS from academics on SHelli's Coaching Skills

"Shelli brings a wealth of lived experience, expertise, skill and passion to her career coaching. This is underpinned by her deep commitment to help people find their unique course in life and reach their own full potential. She has a strong understanding of the challenges faced by women across different career stages, and has helped clients/colleagues such as myself to move through both the perceived and real barriers, to create a more fulfilling, successful and enjoyable career.

She has a passion for working with Early- and Mid-career academics, helping them to strategically position themselves for recognition and promotion in their existing roles, or work towards career transitions.

In addition to working on high level strategic aspects of careers, Shelli is also passionate about helping women organise their often complex day-to-day schedules to help them realise their bigger goals. This includes guidance in workload management, building vibrant research teams, teaching preparation and presentation, student supervision and administrative roles, amongst others.

She has also provided invaluable guidance to me in addressing challenging situations in the workplace, having difficult conversations, improving assertiveness, and realising my true career calling. I wholeheartedly recommend Shelli’s coaching services to you if you are looking to build a successful, meaningful and joyful career.”

STEMM Academic, Go8 University Australia

"I was digesting a harsh referee comment which I feared may require substantial new research and trying to figure out how to proceed. Using her knowledge of the editor process and years of paper submission experience, Shelli pointed out that the short time the editor had provided for the review response probably indicated they were on board and wanted only minor revisions. This was correct and gave me the confidence to write a (successful) letter to the editor when the referee responded inappropriately and dismissively to our revisions."

STEMM Academic, Sydney Australia

"I had to build a lab and start lecturing within two months of arriving in Australia. New country, new academic system, big shocks to my personal life...Shelli really helped me prioritise and teach me how to find the help I needed, and I was able to do everything I wanted and stress less."

Academic, Go8 University Australia

"I wasn't getting much interest from students so my group size was stagnating. Shelli helped me strategise and get more students on board, and now I have 3 HDRs and feel much more confident building a group."

STEMM Academic, Sydney, Australia

"Shelli has helped streamline my style of work from 'whac-a-mole' to something substantially more strategic, a switch that's really hard to make as an adult but I am so grateful for her guidance throughout the process."

STEMM Academic, Sydney, Australia

"Having lived in the US for 8 years, I had a hard time trying to understand how academia and Universities work here. Even at the job interview stage, Shelli was amazing at helping me understand the Aus/USA differences. She helped me avoid serious missteps, and direct my energy more effectively towards doing my job."

STEMM Academic, UNSW, Sydney Australia

"It's the clarity that keeps me going back to Shelli for advice; the knowledge that I can go into the conversation confused and overwhelmed with a thousand thoughts, fears and ideas yet always come out reassured and confident with a clear plan of attack."

STEMM Academic, Go8 University Australia

"I was struggling getting some of my students to be motivated and make good progress. Being a young academic, I was so worried it was my fault and felt very stressed. Shelli helped me understand that I was already doing a lot to help these students and also gave me some extra valuable tips to try and help them further. This was so important for my mental health and for the students as well. I really appreciate the fact that Shelli offers really pragmatic advice to immediately start resolving issues but at the same time helps me prepare for different future scenarios."

STEMM Academic, Go8 University, Australia

"I was struggling getting a student to produce professional looking presentations and research reports, something that I value very much and I expect from my students. Shelli helped me find a way to effectively communicate this to the student and also made a plan with me for writing up a document to share with my group clearly detailing my expectations in terms of group meeting presentations and paper writing. It's hard to come up with these plans on your own or even bring yourself to actually do such things because we always feel so busy in this job. Working with Shelli really helped me take a step back and see that it was worth taking the time to set up this type of documents to be able to run my group for effectively."

STEMM Academic, Sydney, Australia

“I have known Shelli professionally for almost 20 years. During this time Shelli has been a mentor to me as an undergraduate through to having my own research group. She has provided invaluable guidance through academic promotions, grant writing, peer review rebuttals, and developing a research strategy. I can’t think of a better person than Shelli for coaching in STEMM. She has been a fantastic mentor and coach and helped me develop many strategies for running a lab.”

STEMM Academic, Go8 University Australia

I am not very confident and tend to just do the next thing in front of me. Shelli helped me to prioritise the things that matter and to be comfortable saying no to the things that don’t. She cares for her own students, and has helped me see how to defend their interests. This has made me better at recruiting my own students and investing in them once in the group. Her advice on how to manage research meetings has changed the way that I interact with my group and we are now much more efficient at getting through roadblocks in our research."

STEMM Academic, Sydney, Australia


  • First one hour free consultation:

        • Discuss your concerns, priorities, and goals

        • Identify services required meet your needs

        • Build a plan that addresses these requirements

  • Follow-up consultations at $250/hr:

        • Design a detailed plan that includes required steps to meet your goals

        • Devise timing of each step

        • Provide materials to support your plan

  • Other services ($125/hr):

        • Building a website

        • Reading and providing written feedback on grants and publications

        • Evaluating promotion packages


Prices can be scaled by income level

Payment Options:

  • Pay using University or Grant Funds.

  • Pay privately via BSB or credit card

  • Private payments are tax deductible

  • An invoice will be provided

  • Cancellation requires 24hours notice or 50% fee is charged

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