How can coaching Help you?

Ask yourself These questions

Are you overwhelmed

with unfamiliar tasks such as recruiting and mentoring research students, teaching, maintaining a budget, performing committee tasks all while building your profile?


Given Shelli's 20 years of academic experience and managing budgets of over $1,000,000, she will help you prioritize your activities, ensure you complete the most important tasks first, based on your goals. We will design a calendar suitable for achieving both short term and long term objectives.

Do you lack motivation

when your papers and grants are rejected?


As a handling editor for a premier chemistry journal and having been on 26 grant panels, Shelli will motivate you, providing examples for writing effective responses to ill-informed referees and pushing back on unfair reviews.

need management strategies

to motivate your disengaged post-graduate students?


Shelli's coaching will offer you practical customized advice from her experience that successfully motivated her 53 post-graduate students to complete their degrees. She also has extensive experience working with non-native English speaking students, and can offer advice on successfully graduating these students in their degree programs.

Improve student engagEment

during teaching and with new content?


Shelli has successfully engaged students as evidenced by 18 teaching awards during her 20 years of university teaching. Her coaching will provide general materials and teaching strategies to engage and reinvigorate your methods.

Does your website need an update

in order to attract students and collaborators?


Having created multiple professional websites during her career, Shelli will help you to build a website for maximum impact and visibility. A highly visible and clear website is critical as an academic platform that highlights you as a scientist, mentor, and teacher. Shelli will ensure it provides a meaningful, sustainable, and multifaceted view of your work,

discouraged by school politics

opaque policies, and uneven workload formulas?


Shelli has extensive experience navigating work-place politics. She will discuss in-depth strategies and effective methods for protecting your time and energy. She can offer advice on optimal approaches to ensure the politics have minimal impact on your career goals.

need mentoring advice

to help students give professional presentations, write publications, and complete their theses?


Having mentored 53 post-graduate students, Shelli will offer you her templates and resources for mentoring research students. These templates will ensure your students will develop critically important skills including: giving clear presentations, and writing a comprehensive and successful publication or thesis.

expand your scientific reputation

to have a significant impact inside and outside your country?


Given Shelli's experience with over 40 international collaborators, and working in several countries, she will walk you through meaningful approaches useful for developing your international scientific reputation. These include evaluating which meetings to attend, which leadership opportunities would be ideal, and how to engage in international societies.

Are you preparing For promotion

but would like an experienced outside perspective?


Shelli will review your application, and ensure it is balanced, focused and represents you in your best light. She has experience being promoted from Assistant professor to Full professor, and served on multiple promotion committees in the US and Australia.

experienced Workplace HARASSMENT

that is impacting your career?


Having extensive experience as a woman in science where workplace and conference politics are often significant, Shelli can offer a confidential, outside perspective on this interaction. Her support will be empathetic, yet realistic, providing a highly supportive environment from which to examine these sensitive concerns. She offers individualized advice on resolving the issue while minimizing career risk.

Access tools for navigating Academic life

If these questions resonated

then Coaching with Shelli will produce a robust framework that suits your individual needs.

Located in Sydney, Australia, Shelli uses her vast experience within the University system and her significant resources built up over 20 years to give you tools for reaching your professional goals.

Shelli has extensive life experiences across many continents and cultures. These have enabled her to take an empathetic approach in solving problems. She builds a relationship with her clients and use her hard won skills and her broad knowledge from working as an academic in two countries, to provide balanced and supportive mentoring.

Shelli's coaching program is designed to provide a confidential, empathetic, safe space that works with you in a one-on-one situation. By developing a working relationship with you, Shelli will help you build a personalised realistic plan for success in a challenging work environment.

WOrk with an expert

  • B.Sc. from University of Illinois, (UIUC) USA (Chemistry)

  • Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA, (Organic Chemistry)

  • Post-doc position at Harvard University, USA (Chemical Biology)

  • Academic for 10 years at San Diego State University (SDSU) USA including earning tenure and promotion from Assistant to Associate to Full Professorship

  • Academic for 10 years at University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia

Research Qualifications

  • Published over 100 papers and a book in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • Received 3 patents

  • Primary supervisor of 53 post-graduate students

  • Raised over $4,000,000 as Primary Investigator

  • Listed Investigator on grants totaling $12,000,000

TEACHING Qualifications

  • Taught extensive range of classes with 9-500 students

  • High student evaluation scores both at SDSU and UNSW (defined as above school averages)

  • Received 18 teaching and mentoring awards

Outreach/leadership qualifications

  • Currently a Handling Editor for the journal Bioorganic Chemistry

  • Currently a Visiting Professor at University of California, Irvine (UCI)

  • Undergraduate Research Director (SDSU and UNSW)

  • Medicinal Chemistry Director (UNSW)

  • Served on 26 grant review panels

  • Reviewed over 300 NIH, NSF, ARC, and NHMRC grants

  • Reviewed over 800 papers

  • Served 15 years on the American Chemical Society (ACS) executive committees (Med & Org. Chem.)

  • Active in ACS International Activities Committee

  • Served as an International liaison for the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI )

email:; phone: 0416728896